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Real Estate Office in Santorini

Our Office, is the best Real Estate Company globally specialized in properties in the No1 Global Travel Destination, Santorini Island in Greece.

We encourage you to look for any other office in the world with  portfolio like ours in Santorini. We are experts and we manage the best and most exclusive properties, projects, hotels ,land plots in the island that has been awarded as the most beautiful island in the world!

Do not use your precious time, looking for better offers. Our office in Santorini is the only way to find the property of your dreams in this magical island.

All the other agencies from all over the world have less projects than GREX.

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Working in Santorini:

Our Office maintains very good relations with the Public Administration of the Island, the State authorities and the Local authorities and this is one of our advantages. We have access to information that others can not. We know what property is for sale before anyone else. We can get the best price because of our excellent relation with the local sellers. We are in position to propose you the best possible investments with the higher Return on Investment!


Real Estate Market in Santorini:

With two million visitors arriving each year — or nearly 10 percent of the total number of tourist arrivals for the whole country — as well as frequent first-place rankings in surveys of favorite holiday destinations, the Greek island of Santorini has emerged as one of the top tourism destinations worldwide.

There are currently 75 airlines offering flights to Santorini, with their number rising and flights arriving from dozens of countries, reaching as many as 57 a day during the summer months. Visitors also arrive on cruise-ships that dock at Santorini from March until almost Christmas, letting off as many as 25,000 people a day.

The island is very close to achieving the target of all-year tourism. 100 hotels remained open throughout last winter  — representing one eighth of the island’s total accommodation capacity — in order to serve visitors in the winter months