Greece Construction Company, Greek Exclusive Properties
Greece Construction Company, Greek Exclusive Properties

Greece Construction Expertise by Greek Exclusive Properties

Greek Exclusive Properties has been a leading force in construction and renovation, both in Greece and internationally, since its inception. Our portfolio includes esteemed clientele, ranging from branded companies, malls, shops, restaurants, and residences to hotels and industrial properties.

Our company’s strength lies in its highly qualified individuals and teams, encompassing various disciplines specializing in construction. We offer comprehensive services, including architectural design, interior design, project management, and real estate investment evaluation.

Our Approach:

At Greek Exclusive Properties, we are committed to the successful completion of each project, emphasizing the ideal balance of cost, quality, and performance. Our extensive experience and the expertise of our workforce enable us to deliver projects with precision and excellence.

Our core values of honesty, consistency, attention to detail, and timely delivery define our activities. These qualities, coupled with our valuable skills, knowledge, and experience, make us a reliable partner for our clients.

How We Operate:

  1. Needs Assessment: Collaboratively, we identify your project requirements and develop tailored plans. Budgets are meticulously compiled in the early stages to ensure the project aligns with the overall financial objectives.
  2. Execution Excellence: From on-time delivery to on-budget performance, our approach integrates management proficiency, engineering acumen, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to safety. Greek Exclusive Properties is the trustworthy full-service heavy contractor you can rely on.

Our People:

Shift, as a quality company, places people at the forefront. Our team is the backbone of our strength. In addition to continuous training and professional development, we take pride in our longstanding safety record. Empowering our workforce is key to ensuring responsibility for customer satisfaction and personal and professional growth.

Furthermore, Greek Exclusive Properties possesses in-house capabilities to oversee a project from its conceptualization through construction to its successful completion. Choose us for unparalleled construction expertise and a commitment to delivering excellence in every project.

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Luxury Apartment Buildings in South Athens

Construction Phases

  1. Architectural Concept Development:

    • Collaborate with the customer to define and refine the architectural concept for the project.
  2. Project Approval:

    • Seek approval from supervisors for the proposed project.
  3. Building Permission Acquisition:

    • Obtain necessary permissions to commence construction in Greece.
  4. Construction Oversight:

    • Exercise control over the construction process, ensuring compliance with approved plans.
  5. Turnkey Facility Delivery:

    • Deliver the completed facility, providing a comprehensive, ready-to-use space.

Land Measurement in Greece:

  • In Greece, land is measured in “stirrups,” where 1 stirrup equals 10 acres or 1000 m2.
  • 1 hectare comprises 10 stirrups or 10,000 m2.

Building Coefficient:

  • The building coefficient determines the maximum permissible area for construction on a plot.
  • In settlements, coefficients range from 0.4 to 2.4, influencing potential building sizes.

Land Types:

  • Land in Greece is categorized into Icopedo (οικόπεδο) and agrotemahio (αγροτεμάχιο).
  • Icopedo: Plots within settlements, with varying building coefficients.
  • Agrotemahio: Unscheduled plots outside urban areas.

Construction on Agrotemahio:

  • Requires a minimum plot size of 4000 m2.
  • Building area calculations based on the size of the plot.

Certificate of Fitness:

  • Obtained from the State Archaeological Service.
  • Necessary for sites located in archaeological zones.

Certificate of Fitness from the State Forest Service:

  • Needed for areas within the Forest Code.
  • Challenges may arise with characterized state forests.

Construction Phase:

Documents for Building Permit:

  • Owner’s statement or legal representative’s transfer-assignment statement.
  • Approvals from relevant services and bodies.
  • Ownership evidence and recent certificates.
  • Architectural project, fire protection study, accessibility study, static research, and electromechanical installations.
  • Studies on energy efficiency, project lead time, plumbing, sewer systems, and active fire protection.
  • Gas fuel combustion study and waste management plan.
  • Notarial declaration of parking spaces and contribution payments.

Estimated Cost of Construction:

  • Ranges from 12 to 20 thousand euros, plus state fees.
  • Additional percentage for medical insurance during construction.

Project Implementation Timeline:

  • Typically, 2 to 6 months for project approval.

Real Estate Cost:

  • Construction cost starts from 1000 € per m2, excluding design work.

Example Scenario:

  • A 200 sq.m. house on a 4000 sq.m. plot with a 40 sq.m. pool.
  • Construction cost approximately 200,000 euros, excluding landscaping and accessories.
  • Final costs may vary based on specific requirements and choices.

Important Note:

  • Customer decisions impact the final outcome; considerations include accessories, plumbing, flooring, kitchen furniture, lighting, and fencing. The complexity of the project also affects the overall cost and timeline.

Construction on the islands. Strict rules.

Stricter building regulations across the islands are set to be enforced following a decision by the Council of State. The Supreme Court concurs with the imperative to augment the limit for marking up plots by 8 bastings for new developments anticipated under a forthcoming bill. This move aims to uphold tighter restrictions on construction areas and ensure heightened adherence to regulations beyond planned areas and settlements. The objective is to safeguard and preserve Greece’s exceptional landscapes, recognizing their sensitivity.

The State Council, while acknowledging the fulfillment of previously issued building permits under more lenient regulations, dismisses the possibility of reverting to the prior regime for applications submitted to the Urban Planning Authority. This stance is based on the recognition that the unique island landscapes demand special state care and protection. The State Council underscores the lack of comprehensive study regarding the potential adverse impact of applying more favorable construction conditions on the aesthetic appeal of island regions.

Simultaneously, the Council rejects provisions allowing the construction of underground structures on the islands without a prior documentary assessment of the new construction method. This precaution is deemed constitutionally necessary to prevent any detriment to the nature and character of each region.

As reported in the Efnos newspaper, the fifth department of the State Council has endorsed a lawful program under the Presidential Decree, introducing more stringent regulations for off-plan construction on the islands. This program, intended for finalization just before the elections, is expected to be ratified by the current government. The Supreme Court emphasizes the state’s responsibility to expedite the implementation of this program, aligning with constitutional requirements for environmental protection.

Key provisions of the program include:

  1. Applicability to all islands except Crete and Euboea.
  2. New sites with an 8-basting limit for marking up plots with a 45-meter front side on a public road are designated for residential, commercial, and tourist purposes.
  3. Existing sites prior to the new presidential decree, with a 4-stump configuration, remain valid for construction up to 27-8-02.
  4. The creation of consolidated sites through combination is allowed.
  5. Construction limits of 200 sq.m. on sites with 8 stumps and 150 sq.m. on sites with 4 stumps, with adjustments based on property area.
  6. Repair or construction of small buildings (up to 100 sq.m.) on uninhabited islands for defense, security, agriculture, livestock, science, and archaeology.
  7. Development of tourist facilities allowed based on strategic or local planning.
  8. Building height not exceeding 7.50 meters, and 4.5 meters in the Cyclades islands, with dispersion required for volumes exceeding 450 cubic meters.
  9. Prohibition of prefabricated or collapsible settlements, mobile homes, structures on stilts, and visibility of solar water heaters, renewable energy, and air conditioning facilities.
  10. Concealed placement of electricity and telephone installations.

This program underscores a commitment to responsible and sustainable development, ensuring the protection of Greece’s natural beauty and heritage.

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