Is property ownership in Greece Freehold or leasehold?

All properties in Greece are ‘freehold’.

How will I pay my utility bills in Greece?

You can make automatic payment orders through your bank for your utility bills.


Can I rent out my property?

Yes, Greece offers good investment chances with a high return on investment. We will introduce you to the best management offices in the property area to discuss all levels of cooperation.

Do banks charge me when I open a bank account in Greece?

No, there is no cost of opening a bank account in Greece.

Is it time-consuming to open a bank account in Greece?

You can open a bank account within an hour, provided you have all the relevant documents.

Can someone withdraw money from my bank account with a power of attorney?

Yes. Banks accept POA for financial transactions in Greece. So, your proxy can withdraw money from your bank account by showing a valid power of attorney.

Can foreigners get mortgages from Greek banks?

Yes, foreign property buyers can get a mortgage in Greece. However, the bank will examine your file independently and decide if you are eligible for a property loan.

Can I get a tax number online in Greece?

No. You get it from the tax office only. Your proxy may provide this service for you

Can I give a power of attorney if I am not in Greece?

Yes, you can give a power of attorney at Greek embassies/Consulates in Greek. Also, notary offices in your country can prepare a power of attorney in your language. In such a case APOSTILLE is needed, if your country has signed the Hague Convention, and it has also to be officially translated into Greek.

Are there English speaking lawyers in Greece?

Yes, there are reputable English-speaking lawyers. We can introduce them to you during your viewing trip.

Is there a property management service in Greece?

Yes, there are companies that provide property management services and we will introduce you the best upon your arrival.

What are the costs when I want to resell my property?

If you wish to resell your property, you bear the fees of your lawyer, the real estate agency and your engineer.

What is TeleProperty?

Introducing an Effortless Way to Acquire Greek Properties

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What is the Real Estate Agent Service fee?

Greek Exclusive Properties do not charge real estate fees for most of its listed properties. No fees for the buyers.

Can you explain the Property Purchase in Greece?

Yes of course, please read here:

Extra Purchasing Costs?

-3,09% Property Transfer Tax
-Lawyers Fee (usually around 1%)
– Notary (around 1%)
– Land registry 0.75%

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