Group of 3 Semi-finished Villas near the Sea at Sounio Attica

Group of 3 Semi-finished Villas near the Sea at Sounio Attica
Legrena 195 00, Greece
For Sale 550,000€ - Maisonettes in Greece, Semi-finished Buildings, Villas for Sale Greece
LEGRENA3 705 m2 9 Bedrooms 9 Bathrooms 3 Garages

Group of 3 Semi-finished Villas near the Sea at Sounio Attica

Luxury Villas for sale Sounio Greece, Bargain property located on the north-western slopes of one of Greece’s most celebrated capes in the Attica region, three luxury villas to be with three (3) bedrooms each, offer stunning sea views while only 90 meters from the sea! Occupying 235m² and featuring a 18m² swimming pool each, these villas are truly a tremendous opportunity to acquire a house of class and style, under a very special price!


Just take a look at the scenery, then close your eyes and picture your dream house right there…and that’s all you need!

This villas which are being constructed under the highest standards, are waiting for the new owner to give them the modern contemporary touch of their preference.
Each villa consists of:

The Basement of 83m² consisting of an open area, a big guest room, a boiler room and a small storage unit and can be used as a playroom, a gym, a sauna, a home cinema or even a cellar, depending on the owner’s personal choice for amusement or general use.
The basement is 1.2m above ground level, with big windows lighting up the area.

The Ground floor of 71m² comprising a spacious living room, the dining room, a W.C and the kitchen.
There is an elevator and staircases.

The 71m² First floor presenting one master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, two bedrooms and a second bathroom.
The master bedroom benefits from its own veranda boasting breathtaking views of the crystal blue water, while the other bedrooms have verandas offering views of the village.

The 85m² Roof Terrace benefits from soul-touching views of the Aegean Sea and the nearby island of Saint George, creating a magical setting for everyone to admire and enjoy!

All floors can be reached by the elevator or the staircases.

Extending the luxury everyone expects inside their homes to their outdoor living spaces as well, every villa has its own garden of 340m², swimming pool of 18m², entrance and direct easy access to the road

Note: Two of the three villas, are semi-detached from each other. Their concrete frame is completely independent leaving each owner free to do as he pleases with his property.
However, upon request the two villas can be joined to form one big villa sized 470m².

The villas are currently under construction and the stage of brickwork has just been completed.
The asking price for each villa sold at the stage of brickwork is 190.000 Euros
The asking price  for all three villas is 550.000 Euros
and it can vary according to the needs and demands of the customer.
The time needed for the completion of each villa is 5 to 6 months depending on customers needs.

Experience the magic of the Sounio sunset with a glass of wine on your sun bed by the endless swimming pool to the soft strains of classical music. Or celebrate a special event with a moonlit, night cruise complete with indulgent trimmings.

Legrena, next to Sounio
Cape Sounio lies at the southernmost tip of mainland Greece and is the gateway to the Aegean Islands, 70-minutes from the centre of Athens. The 75-acre estate borders the Sounio National Park.

Cape Sounio has been recognized since prehistoric times as a special place of worship, and was an important sanctuary during the Greek Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods. There are two sanctuaries present on the cape: the sanctuary of Poseidon and the sanctuary of Athena; two gods that were held in high esteem by the ancient Athenians. The ruins as we see them today are the result of the renovations that took place during the 5th century B.C., and replaced a succession of buildings that date back to the archaic period.

Apart from a world-renowned archaeological site, Sounion is an upscale summer home location for Athenians. Construction flourished between the 1960s and 1970s, with massive yet minimal villas and condos erected. Sounion is one of the most expensive areas in Greece, with the value of some homes exceeding twenty million euros.


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