Seize Your Dream: Exclusive Land in Desimi Bay, Lefkada

Seize Your Dream: Exclusive Land in Desimi Bay, Lefkada
Desimi Beach, Lefkada Ioanian Islands, Greece
For Sale 690,000€ - Land For Sale Greece, Villas for Sale Greece
GREX123964 490 sqm

Land for sale in Desimi Bay in Lefkada

Seize Your Dream: Exclusive Land in Desimi Bay, Lefkada

Nestled within the picturesque embrace of Desimi Bay in Lefkada, lies an extraordinary opportunity awaiting the discerning few. Behold a privileged piece of land, where your dreams of owning a coastal paradise can become a breathtaking reality.

Land Overview:
Location: Desimi Bay, Lefkada
Land Size: Ample Space
View: Unparalleled Sea Views

Building Permit Highlights:
Approved Permit: Two-Story Villa
Square Footage: 490 Square Meters
Endless Design Possibilities

The Promise of Desimi Bay

Imagine waking up to the gentle caress of the sea breeze, while gazing upon the azure expanse of the Ionian Sea. Desimi Bay is not just a place; it’s an experience, a sanctuary, and an embodiment of tranquility.

Revel in Spectacular Sea Views

This coveted piece of land offers more than just a place to build; it offers an invitation to create your own Mediterranean masterpiece. Whether you envision a modern architectural marvel or a traditional Greek villa, your vision will come to life against the backdrop of the stunning sea views that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Life at Desimi Bay

Pristine Beaches: White sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and warm sunsets are your everyday companions.
Watersports: From sailing to paddleboarding, your adventures await just a stone’s throw away.
Authentic Dining: Savor local cuisine at charming seaside tavernas.

Your Villa Awaits

With the building permit in hand, your villa is ready to be realized. The possibilities are endless; perhaps a luxurious retreat, a family haven, or an investment opportunity. The choice is yours, and this land offers you a canvas upon which to paint your dreams.

Don’t Miss This Exclusive Opportunity

Desimi Bay is a place where the beauty of nature meets the potential of your vision. This is a rare opportunity, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Secure your slice of paradise today, and make the beauty of Lefkada your own.

Contact us now to learn more about this extraordinary piece of land in Desimi Bay, Lefkada. Our team of experts is ready to guide you on this exciting journey of transforming dreams into reality.

VIDEO: Beautiful Beaches of Lefkada Island Ionio Greece

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The Ionian island Lefkada is the nearest one to the western side of the Greece mainland and it can even be reached by car, via a bridge!

One of the most popular Ionian destinations, full of amazing beaches with turquoise waters, monasteries, museums and seafront or mountainous villages with a unique charm.

The nearest airport to Lefkada is Aktion National Airport.

Known for the amazing landscape and the exotic water, beaches in Lefkada are considered among the most beautiful in Greece but also in the Mediterranean Sea.

Surrounded by amazing coasts, most of Lefkada’s beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag for their cleanliness and are famous for their beautiful scenery.

The coasts of Lefkada is a true paradise, for lovers of sandy beaches and pleasant greenery while being ideal for snorkeling.

Meganisi is a picturesque island of the Ionian sea, 4 nautical miles southeast of Lefkada.

The traditional architecture,  the magnificent sceneries, the picturesque bays with the fish taverns, the restaurants and entertainment shops, the splendid view, the green landscapes, and the crystal waters, create an ideal place.

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