invest in cafe bar in Greece

We invest in the best locations, mainly in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki.


OTHERS Group, is a company that invests in the best locations of Halkidiki and Thessaloniki city. We currently own 3 successful businesses that consist of the Clifftop Thermal SPA cafe, the ALANA Coffee & Food Stories, and LAX Premium Massage services inside Thermal SPA of Halkidiki.

Here you can visit the company website and have a look at the current projects we run (click on image logo)

Our aim is to keep investing in dynamic sectors like cafes bars restaurants, gyms, massage services, tourist businesses, and hotels.

If you are an investor looking to invest in the above sectors and want to join our team, to co-invest with us in our future investments, you are welcome to contact us.

Please note :

-You will need to visit Thessaloniki and have a meeting.

-The usual investment scheme we prefer is 51%-49% but we can discuss giving to the investor that will join us a small percentage of 10-20%.

-We maintain excellent relations with the public sector and we participate in auctions for the best investment opportunities the municipality has to offer in Halkidiki and in Thessaloniki like public cafes, beach bars, and more.

-If the investment is from the public, our company participates in the auction. The 1st year’s rent and an equal amount as a guarantee is required from the start. The next step that follows is to refurbish and remodel the place. Usually, a normal investment in such places is 100.000€-150.000€ ( adding in this amount the 1st year’s rent and the guarantee).

  • We cooperate with the best and most value-for-money furniture companies and store equipment companies.
  • We have the expertise. We run and manage bars restaurants and other businesses for more than 2 decades.
  • We train the personnel
  • We are transparent and trustworthy
  • Big experience in cost-effectiveness.
  • Online / ontime daily income from sales can be seen from anywhere in the world

Read more about Thessaloniki here

Read more about Halkidiki here.

-Beach bars in Halkidiki
-Cafe bars in Thessaloniki
-Beauty Salon with laser treatments in Thessaloniki





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