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About Mykonos Greece

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  About Mykonos GREECE   Among the most Greek islands, Mykonos island is located almost in the centre of the Cyclades complex. It is particularly famous for the cosmopolitan atmosphere, the exciting nightlife, the picturesque Cycladic architecture and the magnificent beaches that makes holidays in Mykonos a magnificent experience. There are many things to do...

About Halkidiki Greece

Halkidiki Properties
About Halkidiki Greece HALKIDIKI you've been here in your dreams... They say that nowhere in Greece can boast beaches like those of Halkidiki. The region has the perfect combination of that distinctive Greek light, unspoiled landscapes, colours and fragrances. And the glorious natural setting is complemented by the rich culinary fare of the region and...

Rent Mykonos Villa

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Rent Mykonos Villas Mykonos is one of the most famous destinations worldwide. Mykonos offers beautiful sandy beaches, wonderful views, good food and a legendary party scene. It is an island suitable for children as well as adults with most people staying at home by the pool or on a beach during the day and venturing...