Super Villa Mykonos Greece for sale

Super Villa Mykonos Greece for sale
Tourlos, Mykonos Greece
For Sale 3,650,000€ - Luxury Villas Greece, Villas for Sale Greece
GREX76583 350 m2 6 Bedrooms 9 Bathrooms 2020 Year Built 5600 sqm

Super Villa Mykonos Greece for sale

Super Villa Mykonos Greece for sale, Mykonos Property, Mykonos Realty.

Stunning newly constructed home overlooking the amazing sunsets of Mykonos. Only a few minutes away from Mykonos town (Chora) and a few minutes from St. Stephanos beach. This home was designed paying attention to every detail, with spacious outdoor living areas as well as indoor.

Villa for sale in Tourlos, Mykonos of Cyclades


The complex consists of two buildings that act independently but in a joined landscape within the plot.

There design was driven by several factors that needed our attention: -blocking the strong winds coming from the north -Maximizing the view (which spans to more than 180 degrees) -Lifting the landscape so as to achieve uninterrupted views to the sea.


The main house (villa), the guest house the outdoor spaces between the 2 volumes and the underground service areas.

The entrance to the site is achieved through a newly opened road which is accessed by a secondary street of the island. Entering the site one can drive alongside the back part of the buildings through a continuous service internal road that has vertical accesses to the various spots of the complex. The main family house is located on the northern part of the site and has 4 double bedrooms (each one with en suite bathroom), a fully equipped kitchen, indoor dining space, tv room with a projector for screenings, a living room with its fireplace and several service spaces (additional wc , control room, cloakroom etc.).

The house offers uninterrupted views of the island which are achieved through big windows facing both southwest and northeast.

The guest house is located on the southern part of the site neighbouring with the main outdoor open space and the pool. It consists of two buildings which can accommodate up to 4 people. There are 2 double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and a kitchenette.

On the back and adjacent to the service internal road there are located several service rooms (a pool wc, laundry room etc).

The two buildings are linked with a shared open air terrace which will be the main collective space for the complex. There large pool is located on the centre and uses such as bar, dining, outdoor lounge are scattered around. There have also been designed a bbq and additional lounges. The high stone walls built on the back of the terrace act as a barrier to the strong winds coming from the north, protecting in the best possible way the pool and its uses. This barrier in that way becomes the linking corridor between the two buildings (main villa and guest house) and at the same time acts as a divider between the outdoor spaces and the service road. There have also been designed a housekeeper’s room and a fully equipped gym all located underground together with other rooms for facilities.

The development which is designed to accommodate a maximum number of 12 people (plus 2 members of staff) spans on an area of around 2000 sqm which leaves a large space of more than 3500sqm for plantings and landscape design. The purpose of the design was to leave untouched certain parts (mainly the rocky ones) that contribute to maintain the character of the site and the area. There have been designed several paths through the planting that link the different parts of the complex.

A second additional entrance to the west of the site was designed to act as a service door for the facilities maintenance which will need to take place throughout the year. view of the infinity pool with the outdoor lounge spaces facing north towards the island of Tinos sustainability The new villa complex because of its scale and facilities is equipped with a variety of resources that drive its sustainability.

Taking into consideration the difficulties such islands face especially when it comes to water supply during the summer months there have been planned 2 separate water tαnks located underground on certain spots within the site that will provide potable water as well as water for the pool and for gardening purposes.

Gardening will alternatively be serviced through a system created to use rainwater from the rooftops which through pipes will be led to the tanks and will either be used via filters or stored for future use if not needed.

The site’s landscape is relatively rocky -typical of Mykonos- but the few green parts that already existed will certainly be maintained as found so as not to create additional water needs. There has also been designed a sufficient sealed cesspool (sewage tank) on the south – part of the site and adjacent to the road, which will be able to provide autonomy to the complex for a period of more than two months.

Its proximity to the road was designed on purpose so as to cause the less possible trouble and noise when needed to be emptied by special service teams. Heating will be provided through a heat pump that will distribute the heat through a floor heating facility as well as a boiler for hot water.

On the rooftops there has been a study that will provide the complex with PV panels for additional hot water through a very “green” source, taking in that way advantage of the numerous sunny days of the island. A second heat pump will accommodate the VRV cooling systems which will be separate for each and every room including the guest house and the service rooms.

The whole complex is equipped with an i-bus system – the most efficient and up to date electronic system worldwide.

This will give the opportunity to the users of managing the villa facilities through an ipad screen or even their phone. The system will be controlled through an installation placed on a specially designed room within the villa that will include all internet connection routers, CCTV cameras as well as facilities for the lights, sound and cooling.
The residents of the property can relax in the swimming pool.

Other features that the property enjoy, include: aluminium joinery.


Super Villa Mykonos Greece for sale, Mykonos Property, Mykonos Realty.


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50 million euros: Record price for the most privileged villa in Mykonos
The famous hairdresser, Charles Worthington, who had bought the former villa of Petros Kostopoulos, is putting it up for sale at a price that, if achieved, would break every record on the Island of the Winds.
The idyllic island of Mykonos has established itself as the playground for the rich and famous, and in recent years, visitors have been flocking to this glamorous resort. The well-known hairdresser Charles Worthington is no exception, who has worked with celebrities such as Goldie Hawn, Sharon Stone, Lily James, Tracey Emin, but also Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall. Worthington has been trying to sell his eight-bedroom mansion for €50m for a while now.

Business tycoon Charles Worthington is looking to sell an eight-bedroom villa on Mykonos, in what would be the biggest deal of its kind on the Greek island.

The 1.6-acre (6475 sq m) estate – situated on an island filled with luxury homes owned by the likes of US billionaire Todd Boehly – will go on sale for €50 million ($80 million) Τhe property is Charles Worthington, who built a fortune in celebrity hairdressing and sold his namesake beauty firm to consumer goods company PZ Cussons for about £37 million in 2004.

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