Hotel for sale Skiathos island Greece, 12 suites

Hotel for sale Skiathos island Greece, 12 suites
Σκιάθος, Skiathos, Sporades Greece
For Sale 2,950,000€ - Hotels For Sale Greece
GREX118700 12 Bedrooms 12 Bathrooms 2019 Year Built 8000 sqm

Hotel for sale Skiathos Island Greece

Based in an 8000 sq.m. green land property, with a magnificent sea view, located 7km from the Skiathos harbor & Skiathos town.

12 suites with all modern comforts.

Discover the allure of Skiathos Island in Greece with this exceptional property for sale. Situated on an expansive 8000 sq.m. green land property, this enchanting retreat offers a breathtaking sea view and is conveniently located just 7km away from Skiathos harbor and Skiathos town.

With 12 meticulously designed suites, thoughtfully furnished with all modern amenities. The property consists of two distinct buildings and features a convenient borehole.

The first building underwent a complete renovation in 2019, revitalizing it while preserving its original charm from 1980. This building comprises:

  • 4 standard suites, each measuring 33 sq.m.
  • 6 junior suites, offering 28 sq.m. of elegantly appointed space.
  • A spacious family suite spanning an impressive 65 sq.m.

The second building, partially renovated and constructed in 2000, presents the following offerings:

  • 1 inviting apartment, boasting 60 sq.m. of comfortable living space.
  • 1 cozy double room, featuring 28 sq.m. of well-appointed accommodations.
  • Additionally, the building includes an 88 sq.m. basement, providing ample storage or potential for further development.

Secluded within the property is a charming small house that holds immense potential as a luxurious villa. Currently inhabited by the owners, this dwelling offers a unique opportunity for expansion and personalization.

Presently, the resort operates under the “Rental Apartments” license. However, should the new owner desire, the license can be easily converted to a “Hotel” license, opening up possibilities for growth and transformation. Furthermore, there is potential to construct an additional 200 sq.m. of space, allowing for the creation of 4-5 additional suites.

The property currently generates a mixed operational income of 200,000 euros. However, by strategically configuring the land surrounding the buildings and introducing enticing amenities such as a pool and restaurant, it is estimated that the income can be doubled.

The recreation of the land is estimated to require an investment of approximately 100,000 euros. This investment will enable the transformation of the property into a true paradise, ensuring an unforgettable experience for guests and a lucrative venture for the new owner.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to acquire a remarkable property on Skaithos Island. Unlock its full potential, bask in its natural beauty, and embark on a prosperous journey in this captivating destination.



Investing in the hotel business in Skiathos offers several compelling reasons why it can be a wise investment:

  1. Thriving Tourism Industry: Skiathos is a popular tourist destination, renowned for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife. The island attracts a large number of visitors every year, ensuring a steady flow of potential customers for your hotel.
  2. High Demand for Accommodation: With its growing popularity, Skiathos experiences a consistent demand for quality accommodation. As a hotel owner, you can capitalize on this demand and cater to both domestic and international travelers seeking comfortable and convenient lodging options.
  3. Favorable Location: Skiathos’ strategic location, just 7km away from the harbor and town, makes it easily accessible for visitors. Its proximity to transportation hubs, such as the harbor and the airport, ensures convenient travel connections, attracting more guests to the island.
  4. Scenic Beauty and Attractions: Skiathos is renowned for its natural beauty, boasting breathtaking landscapes, pristine beaches, and picturesque villages. The island offers a wide range of attractions and activities, including water sports, hiking trails, historic sites, and vibrant entertainment options. The diverse attractions and natural charm of Skiathos contribute to its popularity among tourists, increasing the potential for your hotel’s success.
  5. Potential for Growth and Expansion: Skiathos presents opportunities for growth and expansion in the hotel business. By acquiring the appropriate licenses and permits, you can transform your property from rental apartments to a hotel, allowing for increased revenue and the potential to expand your offerings by constructing additional suites or introducing new amenities.
  6. Lucrative Income Potential: With the right marketing and management strategies, a well-positioned hotel in Skiathos can generate substantial income. The existing mixed operational income of 200,000 euros and the potential for doubling it through enhancements, such as configuring the land space, adding a pool, and establishing a restaurant, showcase the profitability of the hospitality sector in Skiathos.
  7. Real Estate Value: Investing in a hotel property in Skiathos also offers the advantage of the potential appreciation in real estate value. The island’s thriving tourism industry, coupled with its limited land availability, can contribute to the long-term value of your investment.

Considering these factors, Skiathos presents a favorable investment environment for a hotel business. By capitalizing on the island’s natural beauty, tourism demand, and growth potential, you can establish a successful and lucrative venture in this captivating Greek destination.

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