Excellent Villa Corfu Island for sale, Kommeno Corfu

Excellent Villa Corfu Island for sale, Kommeno Corfu
Kommeno, Corfu Greece
For Sale 2,500,000€ - Luxury Villas Greece, Villas for Sale Greece
GREX74359 410 m2 6 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2002 Year Built 2000 sqm

Excellent Villa Corfu Island for sale, Kommeno Corfu

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Villa Corfu is located in  Kommeno Peninsula, a few front row locations of outstanding beauty. Distance form the sea 500 meters.

The Villa Corfu Island offers a front row seat that looks onto one of the largest natural marine enclosures in Greece. It offers breathtaking views of this remarkable area of natural wonder and the fact that it is only 12km form Corfu Town makes staying here a privileged experience. Villa Corfu Island is a private haven of luxury and comfort that has been built to a high standard of aesthetic beauty. It covers a total surface area of 410 square meters on three levels and is located within a larger complex of residences that offer guarded security for an international clientele of property owners.

Ground Floor:
A well calculated use of space both inside and out has Kommeno Luxury Villa Corfu Island nestled comfortably within its garden grounds. Upon entering the villa at ground level one is met by large open living areas that take full advantage of the villa’s location and views. Large windows create a movie screen effect with leather sofas and double sized armchairs to watch the film on. The living and dining room areas are open plan with large wooden furniture that allow for family dining and comfortable living. A fireplace, modern technological conveniences, an office that can also be used as an indoor child play area all contribute to the cozy feeling of a home away from home. The ground floor kitchen has been fitted with walnut wood drawers and cabinets that make it a luxurious space to prepare your meals in or have a professional cook do it for you. A WC walled with breathtaking semi-precious Brazilian marbles demonstrates the owner’s genuine care for beauty and meticulous attention for quality and detail.
1st Floor:
A wide internal staircase made of natural light colored American oak wood connects all three floors. Nearly all bedrooms are to be found on the first floor all of which are extended by very large verandas with unobstructed view towards the sea, the town of Corfu and the yacht marina in Gouvia. Here too one is struck by a genuine love for comfort and luxury. The master bedroom is accompanied by an impressive full-room-size walk-in-wardrobe made of a natural wood surface. The master bedroom bathroom on the other hand is made of ‘Portogalo’ marble and includes a Jacuzzi and sauna amongst its comforts. On the first floor of Kommeno Villa Corfu Island are another two en-suite bedrooms with their own distinct color motifs and high finish. A smaller sitting room than the one bellow, a utility size kitchen and an external staircase give the first floor independent access and functionality.
Garden and pool level:
The garden and pool level of  Villa Corfu Island also has independent access. Here are the service rooms for the entire villa yet a further three bedrooms make this level of 170 square meters an ample spaced home. A gym, a sauna and a wine cellar add further value to the comforts offered by this unique villa. An office space, a laundry room, a utility kitchen and two large storage spaces also give Villa Corfu Island the possibility of being used as a professional business retreat. From this level one has immediate view and access to the magnificent garden grounds and unusually shaped swimming pool that are all meticulously kept and serviced. The privacy and tranquility one experiences here make Villa Corfu Island a sought after holiday experience by those who seek the best in life.

Adding to the value of Villa Corfu Island is its location. Villa Corfu Island is nestled within 2000 square meters of prime property in Kommeno, considered one of Corfu’s elite residential areas.   Kommeno penisnusla is an oasis of tranquillity and natural beauty with a single one-way road circling the entire district. Several of Corfu’s luxury hotels and exclusive complexes are to be found here and being only 12km from Corfu Town many wealthy Greeks  have their holiday residences here too.
Kommeno peninsula is distinct in the way it has maintained a sense of privacy and respect for the rich natural beauty that characterizes the entire area. Luscious flower gardens and thick forest greens are set against the intensely blue Ionian Sea. To reach Kommeno one drives along one of the largest natural water enclosures in Greece with a postcard view of a small church that looks as if it is floating on water. Unimaginably beautiful the place is used for private wedding ceremonies and christenings with the setting sun in the background adding to the dreamland effect.
Even though Kommeno peninsula is an ideal holiday location because in many ways it summarizes the unique beauty of Corfu Island, it cannot reveal the incredible diversity that characterizes this western Greek isle. The seductive South offers an endless stretch of golden sand beaches whilst the North- Eastern coast offers picturesque coves and shingle beaches best visited by boat. The North West in turn stands high on mythic cliffs that look out over the Mediterranean Sea whilst central mountain highs suggest distant moonscapes. Corfu Island has it all which is why so many visitors, mesmerized by its energy and beauty, come back time and time again.

Villa Corfu Island for sale, Kommeno Corfu , Corfu Homes, Luxury Corfu Homes, Corfu Proeprties, Real Estate Corfu Greece

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Reasons to buy a house in Corfu

For most people, the idea of a visit to the Greek islands conjures images of warm sun; vast vistas of blue sea; fresh, local cuisine; and a simpler, slower paced life. Many of the 227 inhabited Greek islands—each with its own character and attractions–are dream destinations for travelers all over the world. However, for those who are choosing a Greek island property as an investment or residence, there are far more things to consider than just hotels, nightlife and the best beaches.
How accessible is the location? Is there life beyond the typical tourist season? How will I fit into the community?
Many international residents believe that Corfu’s location, environment, year-round activities and unique culture and community make it the perfect choice for international buyers who are a primary residence or second home.

A Jewel for All Seasons

Corfu is safely nestled in the Ionian Sea close to mainland Greece, Albania, and the boot of Italy and easily accessible from Athens and international airports. Because Corfu and its sister islands are in a relatively protected location, they offer calmer seas and warmer temperatures in the late fall and winter. Unlike the many of the starkly beautiful Aegean islands, Corfu is a green, jewel of an island with lush olive groves, elegant cypress trees, thousands of wildflowers, mountain ranges and striking views of the sea—enhanced by the backdrop of the Albanian and Greek mainland coasts.

Not Just for Tourists

Corfu is a place where one can live and relish year-round activities that go beyond typical tourism. Most tourists who visit Corfu inhabit only one small part of the island for a short time. While venues that cater solely to the short-term visitor exist, residents who want to avoid such spots can easily do so, finding other delights. Clear water, hiking trails, herb-scented fields, palatial manor houses and tiny chapels coexist alongside the arts, theater, shops, sports venues and epicurean pleasures for every taste and budget.
According to one international resident, “Corfu does not shut down in winter like many of the other Greek islands, which means international residents can experience a full life on Corfu year round.”

Corfu’s beauty, proximity and unique culture have beckoned people from all over the world for many years, resulting in a thriving international community all year round. Greece itself offers a number of benefits for those who are considering purchasing residential property. Its safety, hospitality and high standards of private health care and education are just a few of the attractions for international investors who want to live here.

Buying for Investment

In recent years, Greek property has been an excellent investment – particularly on popular islands such as Corfu.

Nevertheless, you should consider your property investment over the medium to long term – like a minimum of 5, preferably 10 to 15 years.

Also take into account the income tax if you let your property. And recoup the high purchase costs of up to 15 per cent when you sell.

Generally speaking, the four main categories of investment property:

A holiday home, which can provide a return in many ways. It can provide your family and friends with rent-free accommodation while (hopefully) maintaining its value, and you may be able to let it to generate supplementary income. It may also produce a capital gain if property values rise faster than inflation (as in recent years).

A home for your children or relatives, which may realise a capital gain. This could also be let when not in use to provide an income.

A property purchased purely for investment, which could be a capital investment or provide a regular income, or both. Many people have invested in property to provide an income on their retirement.

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