Excellent Hotel for Sale in Santorini

Excellent Hotel for Sale in Santorini
Santorini Aegean, Geece
For Sale 3,500,000€ - Hotels For Sale Greece

Excellent Hotel for Sale in Santorini

Introducing an unparalleled haven of opulence in the heart of Santorini, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary luxury  Step into a realm of exclusive experiences, where the synergy of Ancient Greek and Eastern healing techniques transcends the ordinary, nurturing your body, mind, and soul in a way that is truly extraordinary.

The hotel has been meticulously crafted to infuse your journey with a profound sense of spiritual awakening, all within the framework of holistic well-being inspired by time-tested traditions. We have harnessed the wisdom of the ages to create a sanctuary that redefines wellness and transcends the everyday.

Our handpicked team of seasoned experts has meticulously curated every aspect of the hotel to ensure your visit is a transformative odyssey. This meticulously selected location, paired with the brilliance of our visionary team, promises a spiritual experience of unmatched grandeur.

The remarkable success of The hotel is evident through our extraordinary 9.9 rating on Booking.com, underpinned by testimonials from discerning guests who have encountered a level of excellence unlike any other.

But the allure of The hotel extends far beyond its profound wellness offerings. This property boasts unique financial advantages, thanks to Santorini’s New Use of Land plan. Under this visionary scheme, no new building permits will be granted in this coveted area, regardless of the property’s size. This ensures that the lunar landscape surrounding The hotel remains an exclusive domain, ready to operate as is or to evolve into a luxurious, one-of-a-kind resort.

The land property itself spans an impressive 6.7 stremmata within the pristine embrace of a Natura region, with 1,140 square meters of legally approved structures. These encompass nine sumptuous apartments, three of which are multi-level gems with balconies that invite you to drink in the enchanting vistas. Additionally, there are five fully finished caves, their intrinsic allure enhanced by two more caves awaiting your unique interior vision.

What’s more, our documentation includes the potential to add three more captivating caves, ensuring that The hotel retains its exclusivity, expanding as your imagination sees fit. This is your opportunity to own a piece of Santorini’s inimitable allure, a place where tradition and innovation converge to create an experience of timeless luxury.

Oia is 25 kilometers away. Fira is 10 kilometers away. The airport is 12 km away. away. The port is 9 km away.

Very large rooms in a beautiful location. The property is very close to, in my opinion, the best beach with the most beautiful sunsets.

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