Although its aesthetics come from different schools such as Venetian, Byzantine and even Moroccan, it still manages to look unified.

The villa is located in Perigiali, 15 minutes south of the capital of Lefkada and 3 minutes away from the popular village and marina of Nydri. In reality, however, this particular building is connected to the fate of the fatal but also legendary Onassis family, since Villa Veneziano was built in 2009 by Russian-born ship charterer Sergei Kauzov in honor of his wife, Christina Onassis. Perched on a hillside, it is surrounded by a spacious garden of 2,000 sq.m. which offers a panoramic view of the vast Ionian Sea, Meganisi and the legendary Skorpios, which was the property of the Onassis family and housed a large mansion. Let us say here that this one was the third marriage of Christina Onassis, a woman with a turbulent personal life, which was marked by the dramas of the family from which she comes.



For Sergei’s sake, Christina gave up everything and went to live with him in Moscow. Since we are in the Cold War period, conspiracy theories about the Russian’s match, who some considered a “spy” were spreading like wildfire. The truth is that Christina renounced the comforts granted by her surname to become, it is said, a “femme au foyer”, as the French call it, commonly a housewife, in Soviet Moscow. Their bond lasted a year.

But these differences are fine print in a turbulent love story. Sergei, the third husband of Christina Onassis, who died in 1989, built this house in her memory. His wish was for it to be his last place of residence and to be buried there to be near his beloved, who is buried on Scorpio Island. Along with the main building he also built a chapel, where he had planned to be buried there himself when he died.

Unfortunately, his plans changed when Athena Onassis, the only surviving member of the family, decided to sell Scorpio. So, he decided to leave the island and sell his property. Since then he has never returned to Lefkada. Rumor has it that he now lives permanently in Morocco. This is how the Villa was born, which, like the country where it belongs, mixes western and oriental elements.

it has been built based on Venetian architecture and its imposing space is reminiscent of a monastery. The influences from the Byzantine tradition are also strong. It is characteristic that the “perfume” of the Onassis family is diffused everywhere, as the hotel consists of 5 luxurious suites bearing the names of the shipbuilding family.

All the rooms – Aristotle, Christina, Alexandros, Athena and Skorpios – are fully equipped and decorated with an elegant design and an emphasis on luxury as well as functionality. The common areas, such as the dining room, kitchen and living room, are spacious and decorated with unique works of art. The former chapel has been converted into a lounge area, where guests can enjoy the view of the Ionian Sea, next to the swimming pool built by the new owner of this unique space.

It is now rented for groups and large families, as well as for the organization of social events, ceremonies and corporate meetings. It is no coincidence that at the 4th edition of the Hotel Design Awards, on November 17, 2017, the Villa was awarded as the best landscape, during the 100% Hotel Show.

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