Two Santorini Airbnb Properties Among Most Popular in the World

Two Greek Airbnb rentals were selected by members as among their most-wished for future rentals during voting that took place worldwide from May 7 to 11.

Clearly, Airbnb travelers might be locked down at the moment, but they are still dreaming of that next great trip to a Mediterranean paradise.

And among those accommodations on their most-wished-for property lists are two rentals in Greece, which are ranked among the top ten in the entire world.

The third most-wished for rental is listed as Hector Cave House on the Greek island of Santorini.

n the wesbite, it is described as “Hector Cave House, carved into the unique caldera cliff for more than 250 years, was originally used as a wine cellar. Then it became a family-owned complex of three different properties that opened its doors to share its unique character to travelers from around the world.”

It is listed for $656 per night.

The ninth most popular accommodation on the globe is listed on Airbnb as the Cave House, located in Oia, Santorini.

The website described the is exquisite property thus: “This spacious, unparalleled cave house, hanging on the cliffs of the caldera in the centre of Oia, is part of a traditional complex of cave houses, owned and renovated by a family of architects.”

It is listed as renting for about $730 per night.

Other rentals on the list of ten most-wished for locations included a villa in Bali, a beachfront home in Brazil, a home with a view of Los Angeles, a tree house in Bali, and a home in a rural part of Iceland.



Telegraph: When coronavirus ends, Greece is the first spot to visit

Telegraph: When coronavirus ends, Greece is the first spot to visit

The article lauds the Greek islands and their beauties

Telegraph’s digital traveller writer Oliver Smith says Greece will be his first holiday destination after the corona virus crisis ends. In a piece titled “The first country I’ll visit after coronavirus? There’s no contest”, Smiths lauds Greece pointing out that what he yearns is the pristine life of the islands.

“What I want is the island’s pristine life, the wonderful food and accommodation, the quiet beaches, the lush green countryside and the ultimate getaway from the stress of modern life.”

Among the elements that make Greece an ideal destination, the British journalist writes is traveling by sea.

According to Smith, the boat trip to a picturesque Greek island contributes to the final ideal result and therefore suggests islands that do not have an air connection.


NEW Trend because of the COVID-19, The Private Villas

At this stage, due to the restriction of air connections, reservations are running out in villas inside the countries.
A new trend is beginning to develop in destinations around the world, bookings in secluded, luxurious villas due to corona.

At this stage, due to the restriction of air connections, bookings are sold out in villas inside the countries, but it is not ruled out that in the later time, with the opening of air connections, we will see this trend in terms of accommodation gaining ground and in travel abroad. Typical examples are the villas and mansions.

Entrepreneurs and high-income people who usually travel with their families abroad, to countries such as Italy, the US and India, Greece change their travel plans and choose secluded, luxurious villas 3-4 hours away from the cities where they live.

As for the prices of luxury properties offered for rent, the example of a secluded villa of 9 bedrooms is indicative, with a large surrounding area, the cost of which starts from 25,000 euros for 10 days.

According to luxury villa rental companies in Ireland, applications for isolated property reservations have been launched since the second week of March, due to the increase in cases in the country. For their part, customers report that this is the best way to isolate and control their environment, which is not achieved in hotels with common areas.

Finally, according to the executives of the booking companies, the customers do not want personal and daily cleaning as they used to before the corona, but they seek to minimize these services in order to avoid interaction with others.

Source 30/03/2020 : PROTO THEMA

Villas for Sale in Greece

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