Gorgeous Villa at Skiathos Island

Gorgeous Villa at Skiathos Island
Skiathos Island Greece
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SKIATHOS01 434 m2 6 Bedrooms 7 Bathrooms 4 Garages 2500 sqm

Gorgeous Villa at Skiathos Island

It is located on Skiathos Island, Greece, and was created with the intention of enjoying the outdoors as much as the indoors.

Built between the most popular beaches of the island, Koukounaries and Banana, Seascape, quite literally dipped in green,  deceives you by making you think that it is part of the landscape.

The modern interpretation of the architectural design of the villa highlights its splendor and grandeur, while not resorting to stylistic eccentricities at the same time, as the magic in the simplicity of geometry and shapes used, adds yet more to the apparent luxury that this villa defines.
The apotheosis of minimalist interior design enables the seamless flow of light which bathes the villa all day, while the open spaces offer natural ventilation. The wooden floors that have been used both in the villa’s interior and exterior, fit effortlessly with the lush scenery surrounding the villa.
The pool, other than the obvious touch of luxury and completeness that it offers, incorporate the element of water to the property, giving the perfect harmony in this building.

• Land Plot: 2.500sqm
• Total Living Surface: 434 sqm
• Bedrooms: 6
• Bathrooms: 6


Horizontal planes are inserted into the slope, immediately providing levels for sunbathing, sleeping and eating, as well as vast, open area of shade. They cool and shade the space beneath whilst allowing the flow of sunlight and maintaining the stunning 270 degree view over the coastline. Space between the planes is defined by various flexible panels and glazed screens. Designated cooking, eating and relaxation zones are offset from each other to provide cosiness without sacrificing openness.

The pool is strategically placed to enjoy the view but also to create a cooling breeze over the terrace and into the house as the north wind flows uphill and over its surface. Photovoltaic panels power the pool mechanics and grey-water is recycled and used for irrigation, toilet flushing and fire extinguishing. The landscape is respected and continues over the green roof plane, creeps up along the site boundaries and penetrates vertically through the roof as existing trees stand in the space, undisturbed.

The powerful identity of the concrete planes creates a strong narrative on approaching the house from the coastal road that winds below. From a distance the planes are distinctively separated but as you draw nearer and approach the house from the side, the perspective alters closing the gap between them. On arrival and on entering the space they part once more, opening to reveal the breathtaking view and let the fresh air flow through



Skiathos is an island of untold beauty. It is located right across Evias’ and Thessalys’ shores and east of Pelion. It belongs to the complex of North Sporades and along with Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros, they are of the most popular travel destinations with international fame.

Especially Skiathos is proud to be the most cosmopolitan, beautiful and enchanting island of this complex. And not unjustifiably. The piny mountains, endless golden shores and oddity of nature, transform into extraordinary natural phenomenons, like the renowned Lalaria, the hydroland in Koukounaries, but also the picturesque settlement of the town that combines in a unique way traditional architecture with the authentic style of Pelion. All that make visitors wanting to return to Skiathos.

This beautiful Aegean island was the home land of our great man of letters Alexander Papadiamantis. It is the place where this famous gazetteer inspired and wrote most of his plays. The house Alexander Papadiamantis spent his life is at the port and now operates as a museum.

Skiathos is one of the unknown paradises to be discovered.



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