200.000 sq.meters of seafront Land in Antiparos EXCLUSIVE, Property in Greece

200.000 sq.meters of seafront Land in Antiparos EXCLUSIVE, Property in Greece
Antiparos 840 07, Greece
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ANTIPAROS200 200000 m2

200.000 sq.meters of seafront Land in Antiparos

Fantastic huge prime plot of land of 50 acres (about ) 200.000 sq.meters with private beach and sea.

From the total land the  60.000 sq.m of land are able to built. The rest are characterised as forest.

Below you will see the LAND A  (20.000 sq.m) and LAND B (40.000 sq.m) that have ability to built, villas and bungalows.

The LAND is 100% legitimate and ready to built at the 60.000 sq.m, with final court decision in 2014. 


TOTAL LAND of 200.000 sq.m :

LAND A (yellow mark – 20.000 sq.m)

LAND B( yellow mark – 40.000 sq.m)

The land can built 3.000 sq.m for Hotels/ Villas  either 1.300 sq.m for private villa. 

The land goes across the island so there is sea on both sides.

There is water and electricity and access by road.

Ideal piece of land for construction of high end villas or Hotel.

Amazing beach and private forest .

The seafront beach is around 100 meters of coast line.
As you will see there is a small public road, running the land, just in front of the LAND part A. This public road is 10 meters distance from the sea.
According to the Greek laws, in all seafront land plots in Greece, everyone who wants to built, must built 50 meters from the sea.
So this road is just in front of the buildings that you will construct in the future (either private , either hotels).
You can fence the the LAND part A and the LAND Part B, but you cannot fence the rest of the land, because is characterised as forest. You have also let the public road named before, open.
There is also the opportunity, with owners team (lawyers, civil engineers and forest inspectors), after purchase, to be able to change the rute of the road. This way you will be able to create a new public road that will not pass in front of the LAND A, but instead will be passing behind the LAND A.
As in all seafront plots in Cyclades, the law does not allow for tall buildings, like the classic hotels in the cities.
The maximum height of the construction must be at 7.5 meters from the ground. ( 2 floors plus basement)
As such , if you are planning to make a hotel, this has to  be a bungalows and villas hotel.
The Annual Tax of this magnificent piece of land is extremely low.

Antiparos is very famous with excellent critics, right next to Paros island.



Antiparos is known for its simplicity, natural beauty, isolated beaches, safety and understatement. As an international destination it is extremely popular as a discrete family retreat.

Today, the island is a preferred island spot for locals and foreigners alike, known for its laid back, bohemian vibe. Contrary to other Greek islands, the building code on Antiparos assigns larger plots of land for each house, which means that the villas here are more secluded and the landscape is mildly developed. This explains why Antiparos is one of the most popular destinations for villa rentals in Greece, landing second on the list right after the much more cosmopolitan Mykonos.

Antiparos is in the heart of the Cyclades, the most exciting Mediterranean destination and one of the most popular places to visit in the world. Home to pristine beaches, impeccable hospitality and exciting food and culture, it comes as no surprise that the Greek islands have been ranked #4 in the Top 100 of Condé Nast’s Reader’s Travel Awards for 2016.

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