Investment proposal in Santorini with 3-4 million

As the ruins of caves are becoming less and less to find, and the Caldera hotels sale price starts from the 5 million and goes up, we want to offer our investment proposal to those who want to invest an amount of around 3-4 million for a hotel in Santorini, in Caldera, but they cannot find a Boutique Hotel at this price.

Our proposal is to buy 3 Luxury Houses at the top location of the island , the Caldera, and manage them as Holiday luxury Homes and get a very good income in return.

Our investment proposal is the following:

Buy the following 3 Houses:

  1. Luxury Cave House At Oia Santorini – Price: 830.000€

  2. Caldera Cave Villa For Sale Santorini – Price: 1.200.000€

  3. Luxury Villa Santorini Oia – Price: 1.650.000€

    Total: 3.680.000€

House No1 Can generate an income per season of around 100.000-150.000 euro

House No2 can again generate an income per season of around 100.000-150.000 euro

The same applies for the house No3, can generate an income of around 100.000-150.000 euro.


You have 2 choices.

One is to give the management to one of the best local management offices, signing a contract for a yearly rent of 80-100.000 euro from each house. A guaranteed income of 250.000 euro for the 3 houses. A Profit of 7%

2nd Choice is to manage them your self, and get an seasonal income around 450.000 euro (-operational expenses) , around 400.000 euro profits. A Profit of 10%.

House No1: Luxury Cave House At Oia Santorini

House No2: Caldera Cave Villa For Sale Santorini

House No 3: Luxury Villa Santorini Oia Caldera