German Beach Bar Owners in Mykonos Earn Millions

We present you the article posted at the most famous newspaper in Greece, regarding the investment in a beach bar in Mykonos.

This article is  presented to you giving you some insight of  how profitable investment in a beach bar in Mykonos is.

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According to the article , beach bar Scorpios in Mykonos generates 1 million income per day!! Generating a Season Income of 20 Millions!

Lets read more below:

“The “Gold” Beach Bar Restaurant Scorpios of  the 18€ million turnover

Which is the beach bar of German investors that combines house music with clarins and fillets of 250 euros with Armand de Brignac of 10,000 euros the bottle. Why Antony Hopkins does not want to hear for this  club where the waiter assistant is paid Better than a bank manager?
During  in the middle of this summer, a dynamic brunette woman around 40s, who works as a villa manager , enters in the small paradise of relaxed luxury , “Scorpio” beach bar. She is anxious to search for the beach bar-restaurant manager in order to  request a reservation for a very important customer.

“Mr. Anthony Hopkins wants to visit Scorpios this afternoon and I would like to book one of your best tables.”

“It would be our honor to have Sir Hopkins with us, but as you know, our place is crowded  these days. Of course I could make your  reservation with a tip of € 1,000″.

Everyone knew that the tranquil retreat built entirely of stone on the beach of Paraga, whose aesthetics refer to the Armani Hotel in Bali, was the next big thing in the island’s entertainment, but not that its staff would come To the point of negotiating the entry of famous actor Anthony Hopkins that everyone would like to have for their client. Nevertheless, the experienced manager managed not to lose her composure. She then pulls out of her 1,000-euro wallet and leans on the open palm of the manager.

“All I want from you is to make sure that Sir Hopkins and his company of wealthy Russians, have the best table,” is her last words before leaving “Scorpio”  Indeed, a few hours later, Antony Hopkins and the other members of his group, accompanied by the manager, were walking through the door in order to sit at their table.
But in vain.
At that time there was a panic and no table or stool was free. The manager in a rash  is addressed to the meter, who tries to reassure her. He, in turn, approached the elderly actor and beckoning his shoulder (!) Telling him not to worry because at most 20 minutes he will have a table. Then Anthony Hopkins transforms into the cinematic hero we all loved, the cannibal psychiatrist Hanibal Lecter, who responds to the manager with an emphatic “fuck you” and then leaves the store furiously.

Turnovers of 18 million

The unfortunate incident with the famous actor was considered isolated, attributed to the employee’s amateur, which was replaced this season and certainly was not enough to hurt the reputation of “Scorpio”, which occasionally hosts the protagonists of the cosmic life of the place, But also several names of the international jet set, by rippling with rapt reviews from the international press.

As for the financial data of the company, they cause vertigo. On Sunday afternoons under the sounds of house music and from 6pm to 1.30am after midnight, cash machines hit crazy numbers that reach 1m euros. For example, on the last Sunday in July, the central cashier wrote 670,000 euros, and if the POS did not stick to the bartenders ,the total turnover would have reached 1 million.

It is characteristic that  “Scorpio” last year had a total turnover reached 13-14 million euros.
This year is expected to exceed 18, perhaps 20 million euros. A burger costs 22 euros, but there are more expensive choices, such as the Saturnian fillet with a list price of 250 euros.

In the private area of ​​”Scorpio” there are tables with a minimum consumption required of 10.000 euros, which is charged to the customer’s credit card from the moment he enters the store. Workers work 12-14 hours a day, almost without a day off, but they also get more money from a bank manager.


Assistant gets  3.200 euros/month

the waiter assistant, that is, who transfers the dishes or drinks from the kitchen table to the customer’s table, can comfortably take out EUR 800 a week, or EUR 3,200 a month, and is considered the worst employee. Last year, Scorpio’s staff shared 800,000 pounds of cash as tips, which customers left with their credit cards. This year, this figure is set to exceed € 1 million.

 Although last year they were housed in communal homes for 8-9 people, this year the situation improved and in each apartment sleep 3-4 people. The store’s address keeps 200-300 euros of employees’ salary for their accomodation, while it offers free catering from catering companies that cooperates.”

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