Investment: Property to be remodeled in a Luxury Suites Hotel in Mykonos

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Property ID : HOTELELIA09

For Sale 4,500,000€ - Hotels For Sale Greece, Investment Proposals, Semi-finished Buildings
2600 m2 20 Bedrooms 20 Bathrooms 10 Garages Print

Investment: Property to be remodeled in a Luxury Suites Hotel in Mykonos

Mykonos Elia, commercial space of 2,600 sq.m

of basement – ground floor of 1500 sq.m. (And slope)

basement 700 sqm floor

in land plot of 21.000 sq.m

Warehouse, parking, central heating, excellent condition

The property has already formed two large pools, the facilities with specific architectural interventions can be  created small hotel  unit (luxury suites hotel) that includes 20 studios with 61 beds in total.

Also there are architectural plans that forecast  reception and lounge areas, restaurants, halls, gym, sauna, 2 shops and possible additional extension unit in 1,200 sq.m. indoor space. Located on a peaceful spot, with views and direct access to the sea (just 150 m)



Mykonos is located to the area of the central Aegean Sea and belongs to the prefecture of Cyclades. Its total surface is 26.370 acres, while the length of its shores reaches 81 kilometers. Mykonos is the most famous of the group and attracts a large number of intellectuals, artists, and members of the international “jet set.”
Why invest in Mykonos

Mykonos’s blooming economy, reputation for innovation and the ease of doing business make it an attractive place to invest. There is a steady increase in the number of visitors from all over the world who make Mykonos their preferred destination, creating a wider base of origin countries and new demands for services, facilities, and attractions.

International buyers and investors will find:

a wide spectrum of business opportunities
a welcome environment for new investments
an institutional and legal framework that facilitates the implementation of investment projects.
Flexible immigration policies designed to facilitate access for investors and entrepreneurs.

Property Map
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